About the blog

Dotman Design’s blog is intended for clients and “regular” people with a web site. By “regular,” we mean somebody or a company that has a website, but not necessarily somebody who is a techie, developer, webgeek, etc.

Hopefully, you will find some quick tips, general advice and suggestions to make your overall web and social media presence less frustrating. Some posts will be based on real client situations and outcomes that may be beneficial to other clients. (The names will be omitted or changed to protect the innocent!)

This blog is not intended for programmers, developers, cutting edge gurus or people named Billy Joe Jim-Bob*. There are plenty of great blogs out there for such people where Dotman Design is also a regular follower.

Any thoughts, questions or suggestions are welcome! Please contact us.

* Billy Joe Jim-Bob – We’re sorry to have singled you out. You are allowed to read the blog, if you can.


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