Stay Current …

or at least take the dates off if you’re not current.


Web sites get old and get old quick. People are way more understanding about seeing out of date info on printed material then they are on a web site.

7up spot

Ideally, if you have a news section, you should keep it up to date. Vistors and ‘bots (think Google) like to know what you’re up to. Nothing generates thoughts like “Oh, they must be out of business” or “He must have stopped performing” more then seeing your most recent news item dated 2007.

It may be easier than you think. If you’re fortunate to have a site built recently, you’re more then likely to have a site built using a Content Management System (CMS). Some are easier then others, but basically they are all built with the idea that anybody can login and update a webpage using nothing more then your browser. If you have an older site or a custom HTML based site, there are CMSs out there that can be “retro-fitted” to almost any site. We use them all the time. Clients with older sites love it. A service like CushyCMS is very easy to install and lets people update their own calendar, news, bio, etc. If you can find half an hour a week, you could really do a lot to keep your web site feeling current.

If you’re still not convinced and have five year old news as your lastest hot topic, at least take the dates off if you can! It will at least make it a little ambiguous and less obvious that the content was last updated when you also found yourself wondering if you were indeed  “Smarter Then a Fifth Grader.”

(Cool graphic from 2004!)


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