You got a little Flash on you!

iPhone Flash ErrorThis started out to be another “Flash is dead to me” type post. There’s plenty of those out there, but if finally hit me with my own browsing experience. More on that and why I feel it shouldn’t be used the way it’s been used in the past, in a bit.

As I started researching this concept, it turns out, Flash really isn’t dead. It’s focusing on what it does best. Adobe has a whole 5 to 10 year plan for it to keep improving and developing the product. It’s still widely used for video streaming, particularly when you need to tie in ads, rights management and other things. Online game developers are still using Flash as the vehicle of choice for some really cool, interactive games. Just ask any 12 year old to show you his or her favorite online games. Any website or project that needs incredible amounts of animation? They’re great and still Flash based.

flasherror2So, why did I think Flash was dead? I came across a website that had some Flash pieces on it. It was an audio player and an image gallery. Instead of being able to see and hear everything, I got gaping holes. I really wanted to listen to this artist’s audio clips, too. If I was using my iPad, it wouldn’t have been weird at all. But, here’s the thing, I was on my laptop. My flash player was out of date, so it wouldn’t work and I found myself lazily thinking, “oh well” and moved on. Who knows, if I had listened to it and liked it enough, I may have clicked on over to see if I could download their music. 

I’m not alone.

So while my research did show that Flash was still a viable platform in some areas, it did also show that the days of using Flash for audio, video and slideshows are pretty much done. If you have and still use it for your multimedia and want to continue to make sure you’re reaching the widest audience, it’s time to move on to a more modern method of doing so.

As always, if you need help with this, let us know!


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